Those Deals ARE Too Good To Be True


Some of you probably got really happy as soon as you read that unmistakable word. We all know that social media can be untrustworthy in many aspects; but ther is a new discovery about Facebook that may shock some of you.

Anyone who is on famous site more often than not will notice that there are many fashion companies all over the place. Whether you’re following a clothing page or not, you will undoubtedly see ads for clothing to buy. From prom dresses, to plain old shirts, to very intricate lingerie; all of them seem to have amazing deals as well. So how could an innocent consumer resist?

You click on the ad and go through the process and then your item(s) is on its way! Woohoo! You wait days on end for the new and chic addition to your wardrobe for days on end. Finally it shows up on your door step; your rip it open to find your new purchase. What you least expect is what happens. Your cute new shirt looks like a fancy trash bag with holes for your arms and head.


This is just one example of a common “knock-off nightmare” that seems to be revolving around Facebook. And its not just beautiful dresses either; although that is occurring more often than not because prom/wedding dresses are so expensive and some people just want a good deal, then they get this.

There’s even an amazing website dedicated to helping unknowing consumers with this problem. They offer known knock-off websites to stay away from, horror stories, a place to add your own story to get the word out. “Knock Off Nightmares is a site dedicated to helping inform would-be brides of the reality of ordering their formal wear online.”

Lets do something about this stupid c**p already! Get the word out, warn others; its about time that these companies learned a lesson about taking advantage of their clients!

knock off shirt


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